Water Damage Cleanup Palm Coast

The Risks Of Water Damage To Your Home’s Foundation

Water damage is typical for many homeowners and can cause visible issues like mold and stains. However, its impact on a home’s foundation can be even more severe and may not always be visibly noticeable. Water damage to the foundation can compromise the structural integrity of a house, leading to costly repairs and potential safety […]

Water Damage Restoration Palm Coast

The Anatomy Of A Leak: From Detection To Remediation

Leaks are not just minor annoyances; they are serious problems that can occur anywhere—from residential homes to commercial buildings. Addressing these issues promptly with professional water damage restoration services is crucial, particularly in regions like Palm Coast, Florida, where the climate is prone to water damage challenges. Our team of experts at Restoration 1 of […]

water damage restoration Palm Coast

What to Do if Your Home is Flooding

You may not spend a lot of time worrying about flooding in your home, but it can happen suddenly and be very devastating. Flooding can occur from burst pipes, broken appliances, overflowing bathtubs, backed-up toilets, or from harsh weather. Here are a few steps you should follow immediately after flooding to minimize the water damage […]

water damage restoration palm coast

When A Toilet Causes Water Damage And Restoration Issues

Preventable wastes of money and natural resources are a tragedy. The U. S. Geological Survey estimates a single leaking toilet can waste an extra 22 gallons of water every day, or over 8,000 gallons per year. Even a small leak can mean hundreds of wasted dollars. Every toilet will leak at some point in a […]