Four Signs Of Water Damage In Your Walls

water damage cleanup st augustineWater damage can manifest itself in a variety of different ways in your home. One of the most troubling types of water damage, however, is when it is in your walls. Water damage in the walls is especially destructive because it can spread and can cause problems without your knowledge. Thus, it’s important that you be aware of the different signs of water damage in your walls so you can detect any developing damage before it spreads and grows worse. 

Water Damage Cleanup St Augustine

From our water damage restoration team at Restoration 1 of St Augustine, here are four indications of water damage in your walls to look out for. 

Allergy-Like Symptoms

Water damage in your walls can also mean that there’s likely the presence of mold in your walls. Mold thrives in the damp, dark confinements of walls that are affected by water damage. Mold releases spores which are allergens that trigger allergy-like symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, and other respiratory issues. If you notice these symptoms for you or those in your home, you should inspect your home for any potential mold growth.

An Unexplained Musty Odor

An unpleasant, persistent musty odor is classically associated with water damage. This musty odor comes from mold spores. Not to mention, it is the last thing you want people to smell when they enter your home. If you begin noticing this odor in your home, it is time to have it inspected for mold. It is especially important you do this if you live in an old home. Old homes don’t just smell musty because they are old, they smell musty because mold is more common in old homes. You need to address any musty odors no matter the age of the home you live in. 

Drips Or Unexplained Noises

While some plumbing noises are common, a small but consistent drip or a new whooshing noise that originates from behind your walls may indicate a leak. Sometimes, however, the wall mutes the sounds of the water to the extent that it doesn’t sound like water dripping anymore. Thus, any unexplained sounds should be investigated as possible indications of a water damage problem. 

Change In The Texture Of Your Walls

If your walls feel soft or wet to the touch then there is no question that they have sustained significant water damage. The exterior of a wall doesn’t just become soft or wet overnight. This indicates that the damage has been developing for some period of time. If you notice these issues with your walls, call a professional water damage restoration company for help immediately as the damage is already very serious. 

Don’t put up with water damage within your walls! Keep note of the signs above as you go around your home each day so you can notice any developing damage in its tracks. If you do notice any damage, give us a call at Restoration 1 of St Augustine for help without delay.