Hidden Water Damage

water damage cleanup st augustineUnfortunately, there are no shortages in the ways that a house can flood. Some of the most common causes of floods include pipes bursting, improperly sealed homes, faulty appliances, heavy weather, and so much more. Some of the causes of water damage aren’t always seen, and signs of water damage will begin to appear before one may even know that there is a problem. Because of this, it’s important to understand the signs of this hidden water damage. 

Water Damage Cleanup – St. Augustine

Not all water damage can be seen by homeowners immediately. No matter how well one might clean up water within their home, there are problems that can occur in places that homeowners don’t see often. These places include the walls, crawlspaces, attics, floors, etc. Though it might not be immediately noticed, there are signs that will begin to appear if water damage is occurring. 

Mold Growth

This is one of the most incriminating pieces of water damage evidence is the appearance of mold growth. Mold cannot grow somewhere that isn’t damp, so just the sight of it should be a red flag. When moisture levels are high, it most commonly starts in the seams of ceilings or walls. 

However, you don’t always have to see the mold to know that it is growing. Sometimes, you can notice its presence in a mildewy or moldy smell. Water sitting stagnant anywhere in space will begin to smell, especially when something is soaked in it. For example, water soaked in furniture, wood, or the walls will begin emitting this musty smell. When this smell is first noticed, it is imperative to track it to its source as best as possible to find the root cause.

Change In Colors And Textures

When water damage has occurred inside the walls or ceiling, their physical appearance in them will begin to alter. Paint will begin to peel, crack, or flake, indicating there is excess moisture somewhere near. Not only does the paint texture change, but the color will also change. The discoloration will begin appearing on the walls, often brown or darker in color. With all of these changes that can occur, it’s critical NOT to paint over these texture or color changes. It will not only make any difference but will also resurface as a bigger issue in the future. 

Not only that but the walls and ceilings will begin to feel different as well. They won’t feel as solid anymore, but soft and almost squishy to the touch. The moisture of any kind will affect drywall and cause it to feel spongy. 

Sudden Jump In Utility Bills

Water that is free-flowing somewhere within the home will undoubtedly cause water damage. However, if a pipe is leaking or bursts somewhere hidden, it will go unnoticed. One way to tell that there is something wrong with the home is the spike in the water bill. If your water bill is usually regular, but there has been a spike recently, that is a great indicator to start looking for the root cause. 

If you notice that any of these signs are happening in your home, it’s imperative to get it taken care of as soon as possible. Water damage that is left untreated can take over a home with a multitude of problems including mold growth and structure unsoundness. Moreover, the longer it is left to reside within a home, the worse the problem will get. Water damage cleanup needs to happen immediately.
However, not everyone is equipped to handle these types of situations. Because of that, there are professionals available to help you with your water damage cleanup. Contact professionals at Restoration 1 to assist you with your water damage cleanup to get the job done right.