Important Things To Know About Commercial Water Damage Cleanup

water damage cleanup st. augustineCommercial water damage is a threat that every commercial property owner should be aware of. From our water damage restoration experts at Restoration 1 of St. Augustine, here are four key points about commercial water damage that you should be aware of. 

Water Damage Cleanup In St. Augustine

What Are The Causes?

There are many different causes of commercial water damage. A few of the items comprising this list includes broken pipes, inclement weather, old roofs, high humidity, broken appliances, and many more. While it’s impossible to completely account for every possible cause of water damage, you can reduce your chances of water damage close to zero by being cognizant of these causes and practicing caution in all you do.  

Prevention Strategies

With the cause of water damage in mind, it’s also worth discussing the primary water damage prevention strategies. First, make sure you perform basic maintenance on time. That means updating/replacing anything prone causing water damage like pipes, ceilings, drains, appliances, and others. Second, you can install water damage detection devices to alert you to a flood if it one occurs in your building. Finally, the last main prevention strategy is that you always stay on your toes and keep on the lookout for water damage. If you notice anything amiss, ask for help and take care of the problem. Don’t let any problems, no matter how minor, persist any longer than necessary. 

How To Respond To Water Damage

Don’t panic. Know that this problem can be fixed and controlled. You should know where your emergency water shut off valves are located and have a contingency plan in place if you are unavailable. Your first call should be to a certified cleaning and restoration company. They will come out to assess the damage and provide you with a quote for the cost and expected time required to do the job. Moreover, doing this as soon as possible is key so you can minimize the overall degree of water damage in your home. 

What About Mold Growth

Mold growth is a ubiquitous concern any time water damage is at hand. This should come as no surprise since mold only needs 24-48 hours to begin spreading after a flood.  The last thing you want is to mold to develop and spread throughout your building before the water is removed. This is because mold is extremely difficult to get rid of for good once it takes root in a building. There is a high chance it will keep coming back and causing you problems in the long term. Make sure you contact a professional water damage restoration company for help as soon as possible so the water removal process can begin as soon as possible.

At Restoration 1 of Augustine, we hope your commercial building stays water damage-free so you never even need to use the information above. Nonetheless, should your building ever flood, it’s important that you call for professional water damage help as soon as possible. We are one such company with 24/7 emergency cleanup technicians at our disposal for you.