Kitchen Water Damage: 5 Helpful Tips To Help You Respond

water damage cleanup st augustineFlooding in the kitchen could be a huge issue for a house owner. Whether the reason is a malfunctioning appliance or even a leak from the sink, you must act promptly to avoid even more damage. Flooding in your kitchen can ruin other kitchen appliances, tiles, and cabinets. 

Water Damage Cleanup In St. Augustine

There may also be safety risks so in the incident of a flood, acting quickly and remaining safe are your top priorities. The following are a few tips to assist you in preparing for this situation.

Switch Off The Water Supply

Your first step should be to turn off the water supply that is supplying the water leak. If you notice where the flood is coming from, simply switching off the control valve should stop the water’s flow. When you are uncertain where the water leakage is coming from, or if you have switched off the suspected pipe and water is still seeping, turn off the main supply line.

Turn Off The Power

Ensure you don’t touch any appliances until the kitchen’s power has been turned off. Water and electricity are a lethal combination, so make sure you switch off the electricity before you unplug appliances. Turning off the kitchen switch on the fuse box should be enough. If there is more water in other parts of the building, ensure that you shut off the power to those places as well. After completing this step, unplug every appliance including small ones like a toaster and coffee maker.

Keep Your Furniture Safe

Shifting furniture away from the flooded space should be the next step in minimizing damage. To prevent mold and mildew formation, move rugs and hang them to dry. Furthermore, move your kitchen chairs and table out of the water to prevent moisture from penetrating the wood. You should also move other furniture items like upholstered chairs or couches and set them out to dry.

Document The Damage

Snapping pictures and making notes of the losses as you start to clean up is essential. Take special notes with wooden structures like door frames and drywall because water absorbs rapidly into these materials. Water is able to travel upward, so checking above the water line in such areas is critical. If water has damaged these structures, they will almost certainly need to be repaired.

Call Professionals

You’ve probably done everything you can to minimize the damage at this point. Now it is time to contact professionals to evaluate the extent of the damage and make any necessary repairs. A reputable disaster restoration company can remove mold, restore flood damage, as well as make other necessary repairs.

Water Damage Cleanup Services

When you are dealing with the effects of a flood damage emergency, the timing makes all the difference. When your house has just been flooded, contacting water damage cleanup in St. Augustine is the most effective way to minimize household and health risks. Restoration 1 of St. Augustine offers emergency flooding and water damage restoration solutions 24/7. Contact Restoration 1 of St. Augustine now to understand more about water damage restoration.