The Danger of Untreated Water Damage in Your Home

Water Damage Cleanup in St. AugustineUnwanted water can seep into your home through various methods, such as a natural disaster or a pipe leak. Regardless of how water enters the property, quick action is vital to avoid structural damage and serious health problems. People usually believe that water damage is only a small issue unless a room floods or pipes explode. However, untreated water damage from a continuous leak could result in serious damage and costly repairs. From our cleanup experts, here are some of the ways that untreated water or flood damage can damage your home and health.

Water Damage Cleanup in St. Augustine

1. Weakened Drywall and Flooring

Since houses can flood very fast, your walls and floors are the most vulnerable to water damage. The water will absorb into the floors and drywall and drywall if the water is not removed and cleaned properly. If moisture penetrates the seams because of age, wear, and tear, or poor installation, it can destroy the subfloor and weaken the floor’s integrity. If drywall is exposed to moisture for an extended time, it will warp and acquire a brittle texture.

2. Mold Growth

The most widespread long-term effect of water and flood damage is mold formation. The risk of mold is the major reason why it is so important to get a water damage disaster cleaned up as quickly as possible. Mold can start forming after a flood in as little as 24-48 hours. Mold can lead to severe structural damage and cause serious health issues for anyone who inhales mold spores. These issues will only get worse with time, so the longer you wait to clean up and restore flood damage, the worse off your house will be.

3. Electrical Problems

Electricity and moisture don’t mix. You risk destroying your power system if you don’t treat water damage. The moisture can end up causing electrical shorts and circuit damage. Damaged electric grids are always a fire hazard. When water comes to mix with light fixtures, appliances, sockets, or wire, they quickly become dangerous. A skilled electrician’s inspection and water damage restoration will guarantee that the house is safe for occupants.

4. Permanent Stains

Although water is colorless, it can leave permanent stains. If you do not cleanup water damage immediately after it occurs, walls and floors can discolor permanently. The stains will be uneven and unappealing. As a result, flood damage stains will end up lowering the value of your property. 

5. Concrete and Brick Damage

Many people often overlook minor drips from taps or pipelines, but they can cause serious problems. Constant dripping has the potential to eat away at concrete and brick materials. A long-term leaking problem is troubling if it happens outside your home’s base because it can jeopardize the structural integrity of the property.

Water Damage Cleanup in St. Augustine

Timing is crucial when dealing with the aftermath of a busted pipe, natural disaster, or other water damage emergency. When your property has been flooded, calling water damage cleanup in St. Augustine is the best way to reduce household and health dangers. Restoration 1 of St. Augustine provides 24/7 emergency flood and water damage cleanup services. To learn more about water damage cleanup, get in touch with Restoration 1 of St. Augustine today.