The Most Common Causes of Residential Fires And Needs For Restoration Of Damages

fire damage restoration st augustineAccidental fires often cause extensive damage to your house, and you may end up requiring the services of a fire damage restoration company in St Augustine. While this repair can work wonders and restore your property to an almost new condition, it will not be able to save all of your valuables and documents. You should be aware of the major causes of at-home fire incidents before dealing with fire damage. You can be more careful and keep a fire from starting in the first place.


When it comes to residential fires, kitchen fires are extremely common. Oils and grease can quickly become overheated, resulting in a fast-burning fire. Staying in the kitchen when cooking is the most effective way to avoid cooking-related fires. Do not leave the food you are cooking unattended. You also have to keep an eye on cooking appliances such as griddles and toasters. Before putting them away, ensure they are cool to the touch. Minor oil fires can be put out with a metal lid over the pan or by putting salt or baking soda on them, but anything larger than that should be dealt with by the fire department for your own security.


Appliance overheating can be a major fire threat. Space heaters are particularly famous for starting fires. Fabrics making contact can quickly ignite, and before you realize it, you will be looking into costs of fire damage restoration, St. Augustine. Electronic equipment can have faulty wiring, resulting in a fire in your property. Make sure to monitor your electronic appliances when they are in use. While you have devices such as space heaters operating, you should never leave the house.

Electrical Fires

Your house’s electrical wiring is not impervious to problems. A fire can ignite in your walls if there is a short or a malfunction in your wiring. Such fires can quickly become dangerous since they commonly start in hidden areas. The best way to avoid these kinds of risks is to have your electrical wiring examined regularly, and only handle your own electrical repairs if you are certified and skilled in the field.


Candles are a huge fire hazard. Candles already have an open flame, and if they are put in an unsafe area, they will rapidly cause a fire. Never put a lit candle close to any combustible materials or chairs. Store your lighters and matches in a safe place, and never leave your candles unattended. Also, make sure you don’t light a candle beside your bed and fall asleep leaving them lit.


Smoking-related fires can be very hazardous. Most of This type of fire is usually started by someone falling asleep with a lit cigarette in their fingers. As a result, the fire quickly spirals out of control without your knowledge, and it begins to spread exactly where you are sleeping. Ensure you don’t ever light up a cigarette if you are fatigued. It is also important to avoid smoking in bed or close combustible material such as carpets and blankets. A single stray of ash can cause far more damage than you might imagine.

Fire Damage Restoration, St. Augustine

Nobody ever expects a fire to break out at their house or business. Trying to deal with the aftermath if it does occur can be a very stressful procedure. You will not only have to deal with structural damage and personal items, but you will also be exposed to a wide range of health hazards. Our specialists at Restoration 1 of St. Augustine have assisted hundreds of people and companies get back on their feet following a fire. For fire damage restoration in St Augustine, Call Restoration 1 immediately.