The Urgency Behind Immediate Water Damage Cleanup

water damage cleanup st. augustineOne of the most important factors when dealing with water damage cleanup is time. Every minute matters when mitigating water damage and getting it cleaned up. But don’t just take our word for it – here are just a few reasons why water damage cleanup needs to begin as soon as possible in your St. Augustine home.

Water Damage Cleanup In St Augustine

Reduce Repair Costs:

 All too often we see homeowners putting off water damage cleanup because they are worried about how much it costs. The biggest problem with water damage is how quickly it compounds, and the longer it sits the worse the damage will be – which means the more it will cost to clean it up and repair any damage. Water damage cleanup varies depending on the size and scope of the situation, but when you call to get it cleaned up right away you will end up paying less in the long haul. When you put off water damage cleanup, you will end up with bigger, more costly problems.

Prevent Structural Damage: 

When water absorbs into the structural materials of your home, and is not dried out quickly and completely, it can create some pretty serious problems. Materials like wood framing, sheetrock, and drywall all absorb water quickly, and will eventually begin to bow, warp. Bend, crack, and deteriorate if the water is not cleaned up quickly. These changes can result in sagging ceilings, weakened floor boards, and bowing walls – all which threaten the structural integrity of your home. The best way to prevent serious damage from water is to call to get it cleaned up as soon as possible.

Avoid Health Threats: 

Water damage can pose some serious threats to the health of those exposed to it. For example, if mold has begun to grow as a result of the water damage, it will release spores through the air that can cause a number of respiratory symptoms in those exposed to it. Mold problems need to be resolved right away, and if left untreated will affect the air quality throughout the entire home. If water damage affects the electrical system in your home, it can pose a serious risk of shock or electrocution. To be safe, all power to the affected area should be turned off and inspected by a trained professional, or the consequences could prove fatal. When you call in professionals for water damage cleanup as soon as the problem arises, you can avoid the potential threats to your health that are often associated with water damage.

Produce the Best Cleanup Results:

 All in all, when you respond quickly to water damage, you can ensure the best possible outcome for your home. Mitigating further damage, taking precautions against further problems and dangers, and getting your home back to its pre-loss condition are the first priorities following water damage, and when you call Restoration 1 of St Augustine, you can rest assured that all of this will be taken care of. We know how important every second is when it comes to water damage cleanup, and that is why we are here to take your call 24/7.