Water Damage Restoration Differences

water damage cleanup st augustineThere are a couple of different settings where you can find water damage. You can find yourself in a residential or commercial setting that can be affected by some kind of water damage. Residential water damage looks something like finding a leak in your home from a burst pipe. Commercial water damage can look something like a roof leak in a local retail store after a heavy rainstorm. Both settings need special and immediate attention, but they have their differences.

Business VS. Personal Space – St. Augustine

Whether water damage occurs in your home or a commercial building, it is important to call in a team of professionals to assess the situation. Water damage in your home can be extremely stressful, and emotions can run high for homeowners while they are trying to navigate the disruption. Water damage in a commercial building can impact the operation and/or business flow of a company. Not everyone has the knowledge to address and restore different types of water damage, which is why calling a team of experts who can customize a solution for you is recommended. 

Residential Water Damage Restoration

Residential water damage refers to water damage that has occurred within a home or on a residential property. Residential water damage can occur on a smaller scale, though it can vary. Water damage that occurs in a residential area tends to only affect one room or a single section within the property. Because it is on a smaller scale, restoration teams can focus on making the residents comfortable while they work to remove the water, dry out the area, and repair materials.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Commercial water damage refers to water damage that occurs within a larger property. These settings tend to be more complex than residential areas, including offices or retail stores. Water damage in commercial settings is more complicated due to the larger scale and the layout of these buildings. These buildings can have water damage affect multiple floors, multiple areas, and even different systems within the building. One of the important things professionals keep in mind when addressing water damage in a commercial setting is how to avoid disrupting the business flow as much as possible, whereas, in residential settings, comfort is a priority. 

Restoration Challenges

Residential and commercial water damage have their own challenges to overcome in order to restore the property to its original condition. Residential water damage includes having to navigate people who are more emotionally connected with their property or home. There are a lot of personal belongings and custom finishes within a residential property that can make residential water damage an extremely stressful experience. Commercial water damage has the challenge of working around more than just a property owner, like working around business hours or employees. Water damage that occurs in commercial buildings also runs the potential of causing damage on a much larger scale than just a residential property. These buildings are much more complex and can take longer to repair.

Professional Expertise

In whatever setting, it is extremely important that in order to have a successful recovery after experiencing water damage, you call a team of professionals to evaluate your situation. Each situation is unique and has its own set of challenges, but restoration professionals can help customize a solution that meets your needs. From understanding how to identify complications to having the manpower or equipment to restore your property, our team at Restoration 1 of St. Augustine can help you navigate the complexities of water damage. Call us today for more information about how we can help with residential and commercial water damage.